Mike Morgan vs. Mark Robinson

Could North Carolina have its first Black governor?

By Karl Cameron –

What Would that Governor’s Race Look Like?

The New Year is here, and the political races are on. North Carolina primaries on March 5 will be here before you know it, but just how well have voters thought out the possibilities the primary could present?

One such possibility we’ll focus on here. North Carolina could have its first all-African American governor’s race between Mike Morgan and Mark Robinson. Let’s look at just what that race would look like.

Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson

At this writing, the Morgan campaign priorities are education, healthcare, gun violence, and criminal justice refocus, while the Robinson campaign is focused on abortion, the Second Amendment, parents’ rights, veterans’ benefits, and election reform.

Now, where do Mike and Mark stand on six of these issues?

Education: Mike supports universal basic education with qualified teachers, stating, “Public schools should teach the true and accurate history of our state,” while Mark says kindergarten through fifth grade should focus on reading, writing, and math, not social studies, science, or equity and social justice. Mark is pro-voucher and pro-private schools, and expanding access to trade schools.

Regarding Healthcare, Mike is a proponent of the recent NC healthcare expansion and lower prescription drug prices, while Mark is against healthcare expansion in NC, wants to repeal ACA, and wants a state-produced rather than federally-produced healthcare system.

When we look at where they stand on Gun Violence, Mark vows to protect gun rights and is against universal background checks, while Mike is in favor of “common sense gun laws.”

Mark’s view on the Economy embraces anti-tax incentives for businesses and providing apprenticeships and training to enhance workforce development. Mike wants to encourage investments and entrepreneurs, raise the minimum wage, and urge a “bottom up” economy.

When we turn to Climate Change, Mark calls it “junk science” and wants to increase use of fossil fuels, while Mike sees climate change as an “undeniable threat,” would urge decreasing fossil fuel dependence, and desires sustainability.

On the issue of Abortion, Mike is pro-choice, and believes that women should have “the ability to decide if and when to become pregnant” and access to abortion services. Mark is pro-life, against abortion for any reason, and says that the 12-week ban did not go far enough.

This is what we’ve found regarding where Mike and Mark stand; there’s no telling how many times this will change after this writing. However, we’ve attempted to give North Carolina voters a good look at what a Mike Morgan vs. Mark Robinson governor’s race would look like.

The bottom line for our state is to elect the best person to the governorship. We’ve shown you where they stand should this race materialize. Do your own analysis, and whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, vote in the primaries. They are North Carolina’s first step toward choosing who will be our next governor.

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