book, dear america

Dear America, I’m Still Rooting For You

book, dear americaA Commentary on Race, Politics, and Feminism, written by Hannah L. Drake.

Dear America, I’m Still Rooting For You is a thought-provoking collection of commentaries that holds up a mirror to America, making it face many of the harsh realities that continue to plague our nation. Dear America, I’m Still Rooting For You challenges it readers not to look away but to face and deal with the truth.

Hannah L. Drake
Hannah L. Drake

Drake challenges us to read her book by answering the question, “Will this be an easy read?”

“I can promise you that at times it will be difficult, but who told you that it would be easy? Who told you that you would always feel good? Who told you that you would not have to challenge your way of thinking? Who told you that fighting for justice meant you wouldn’t have to face some hard truths? Who told you that you would not have to take a long, hard look in the mirror? Who told you that you would not have to have difficult conversations with your family and friends about race? Who told you that it would not require sacrifice? If someone has told you any of those things, then they lied to you.

“If you have picked up Dear America I’m Still Rooting For You expecting to cuddle up with a steamy cup of hot cocoa and a “Please-give-me-a-reward-for-doing-the-right-thing” cookie, I suggest you put this book back down. However, if you have picked up this book with the knowledge and understanding that you will be challenged to think and then act differently when it comes to race relations, politics and feminism in this nation, you have chosen an excellent book for your journey. Dear America, I’m Still Rooting For You may not feel good, but it is good for the betterment of you, me, and for this country.”

Hannah L. Drake is a blogger, activist, public speaker, poet, and the author of nine books. She writes commentary on politics, feminism, and race. In February 2019, she was selected by the Muhammad Ali Center to be a Daughter of Greatness which features prominent women engaged in social philanthropy, activism, and pursuits of justice. In July of 2017, Drake was featured on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss her movement, “Do Not Move Off The Sidewalk.”

Drake has exhibited her visual art and poetry at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. Her poem “Spaces” was selected by the National Academy of Medicine for a national art exhibit about health equity.

Drake’s message is thought-provoking and at times challenging, but she believes that it is in the uncomfortable spaces that change can take place. “My sole purpose in speaking and writing is not that I entertain you. I am trying to shake a nation.”

For more information on Hannah L. Drake, please visit, and read her popular blog,


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