Trump and the Truth

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by Moe White –

Facts from the Front: March 2017 –

In 1989 Donald Trump demanded that five black and Hispanic youths, accused of rape, should be executed.

Fifteen years later the case against New York’s “Central Park Five” was vacated by the courts; their convictions were overturned and their false, coerced confessions thrown out; a serial rapist serving a life sentence for other crimes admitted he was the actual rapist, and his DNA confirmed his claim. But Mr. Trump still insists that the five young men “should have been executed.” He still insists, “They should be executed. They were guilty. Guilty.”

No, they weren’t … but they were black. And to Mr. Trump, that’s all that matters.

Mr. Trump’s racial pathology is a subject for psychiatrists to explain. All we need to know is that he was mentored by Roy Cohn, the lawyer for the anti-Communist Senator Joseph McCarthy, and trained by Cohn and his own openly racist father to “never, ever admit you’re wrong.” Daddy Fred was arrested in 1927 participating in a Ku Klux Klan march in New York City; in 1972 he and son Donald signed a “consent decree”—brokered by Roy Cohn—to stop discriminating against potential black tenants in their subsidized rental properties. They paid a huge fine, agreed to stop doing something they have been doing, but pretended they never did it in the first place.

But Trump’s habitual, unrepentant dishonesty is even more disconcerting—and potentially dangerous than his racism. Like a five-year-old who thinks that if he says “I didn’t do it” enough times, Mommy will let him off the hook, he openly believes that repetition can make a lie into the truth. Recall his final debate with Secretary Clinton, at which he muttered, “Not a puppet. Not a puppet. I’m not a puppet. You’re the puppet. No, not a puppet.”

Thus he brags about molesting women at will and regularly walking in on naked teenage girls, all with no consequences; a videotape of his bragging about “grabbing women by the …” is broadcast on every television network; a dozen women come forward and testify that, indeed, he molested them just as he described, and several former teen beauty pageant contestants confirm his habit of walking into their dressing room when they were undressed.

His most adamant supporters include “Christian conservatives,” who claim variously that the videotape is doctored, that it should never have been shown on TV, that it was nothing more than locker-room talk, that it’s a conspiracy by his enemies to slander him—with his own words.

These, of course, are the same religious sex police who demand that women remain virgins until marriage, that nudity is offensive, that sex itself is the original sin, and that the only permissible sexual encounter is between a husband and wife whose marriage is sanctified by the church and binding for life. Those are the absolute biblical rules, with no exceptions … except for their twice-divorced, thrice-married lothario and his current wife, a nude model who was likely an illegal immigrant when she first worked in this country.

How can rational people teach the gullible true believers the truth? With evidence? How do we rebut the falsehoods? With facts? How do we mere, honest mortals challenge the father of lies?

By speaking up, speaking out, mobilizing, and voting, in every election, to restore integrity to government. By working hard to ensure that “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” once again stands with the people.

The unemployment rate for people 16 years and older during the past 10 years. The peak of 10.1% was reached eight months after President Obama took office and has fallen steadily for 75 months since.
Chart from U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Jobs and infrastructure

February’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.8%, another low since President Obama’s policies cut it in half (from over 10%) after the Bush Administration’s final budget year (which ended Sept. 30, 2009). For Feb. 19-25, 223,000 new unemployment claims were filed—the lowest actual number in 40 years.

New polls taken at the beginning of March, however, show that confidence in the economy is suddenly growing. One Illinois woman and Trump voter was quoted saying, “I’m way more optimistic about the economy now than I was a year ago.” After seven straight years of growth—the longest unbroken economic expansion in American history—NOW she feels optimistic? It’s very clear why, and why Trump won: optimism and a black president were incompatible for millions of voters.

Though Trump claims to want to grow the economy and raise everybody’s incomes, will unemployment go even lower? Not likely.

Not because Democrats will stand in the way of growth, but because Republicans do not like full employment, any more than they like deporting undocumented aliens who do jobs nobody else will take for less money than anyone else will accept.

Why do Republicans like high unemployment? Because: 1) corporate oligarchs and inheritance billionaires prefer to pay low wages; 2) they can rail at Democrats for not growing the middle class; 3) they get to blame “corrupt unions and “archaic rules” for taking all the money that should be going for “merit” raises and bonuses; and 4) as a corollary, it allows them to run against organized labor and, if they win, permanently destroy public unions (except for police), as they’ve done in Wisconsin and are trying to do in Illinois.

So, holding your breath for an infrastructure package that will raise incomes? From Republicans? Exhale. Then inhale. Repeat.


Facts From The Front is a monthly column by copy editor Moe White in which America’s Constitutional democracy is defended against ongoing assaults by those who prefer less palatable alternatives: oligarchy, autocracy, theocracy, feudalism, fascism, and other nondemocratic methods of government. Among the qualifications for White’s commentary and ridicule are hypocrisy, dishonesty, corruption, unbridled greed, flat-out lies, and sheer idiocy on the part of public figures.

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