Let Your Love Light Shine

Wallace E. Bohanan, M. Ed

By Wallace Bohanan –

When our current President was elected last Fall, there was much surprise and some dismay among many American voters.

There were numerous demonstrations and cries of “he’s not my president.” Then, once he took the oath of office the demonstrations grew even larger. Now, after only a few weeks in office there appears to be growing outrage, fear, and anger at the agenda he is following.

It seems as if every executive order he signs, every cabinet member he appoints, and every tweet he sends, evokes a torrent of boisterous responses from those that oppose his agenda. This is a healthy reaction for a democratic society. However, there is a danger we must be aware of. You can’t fight fire with fire.

Firefighters know that to put out a fire you must use a fire suppressant (such as water) and neutralize any potential fuel. In the case of opposition to the president’s agenda, becoming angry, calling names, threatening violence, or responding from fear only adds fuel to the fire. We have seen the commander in chief become angry, call names, and threaten violence in response to perceived attacks against him. It is unwise to believe we can oppose his agenda by using the same tactics he has already mastered. Besides, where will that get us? Will we turn into that which we oppose?

I have even heard the President called evil, like Darth Vader (a character in the movie Star Wars). Darth Vader represented the dark side of humanity. His goal was conquest, destruction, and plunging all humanity into darkness. Does this sound like the president? Probably not. However, if you want to defeat the darkness you must shine a light. The light you shine will let you see where you are going and illuminate the correct action to take. If you are fighting intolerance, be more tolerant. If you are fighting exclusion, be more inclusive. If you are fighting hate, be more loving.

This is a time to be kinder, gentler, more forgiving, and more tolerant than ever. Do not give power to the dark side by behaving in a manner that brings more darkness. Rather, take the power away by bringing the light. There is no fear in the light, so let your love light shine.

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