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Dear Sista Girl,

I have a friend who hasn’t accepted reality.

She talks like she’s still young, vibrant, and beautiful, when in fact she is not getting enough sleep, eats and drinks in excess, and wants everyone to treat her like a princess.

At 44, she hasn’t been married and wants a biological child. She won’t give the average Joe Blow a chance, thinking that Mr. Perfect is on his way. I ask her all the time, “Is Mr. Perfect going to want a woman who eats out three times a day, looking her age with plenty of luggage under her eyes?”

Should I continue to give her advice or shut up?

My Sista,

Your friend sounds like a late bloomer. Chances are slim but it is possible that your friend could find a man who wants a wife and child in quick succession … maybe a younger man.

My advice is to tell her IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE TIARA OFF. The pageants and fairy tales are over. Remind her that there aren’t a lot of princes left, and a knight will suffice. Tell her that there are millions of women waiting for a man with a good job, good genes, and the intelligence to recognize a good woman. The competition is younger with fewer miles. There are only a few things that get better with age. Statistically speaking, her looks and eggs probably aren’t holding up as well as fine wine.

Suggest doing some things outside her comfort zone to expose her to more diversity. Change her routine. Ask her to consider eating and drinking less and sleeping more. Take a local cooking class. It may be a good place to meet someone.

In the end, she’ll have to decide how important marriage and motherhood are to her. If she doesn’t feel a sense of urgency, neither should you.

~ Sista Girl



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