Protesting the Violence


Reprinted from Facebook: Brian McLaren by phone from Charlottesville. Here’s his update:

1. The mainline clergy were, in his word, “amazing.” They were everywhere on the streets, praying, witnessing, preaching, taking care of people.

2. The Black Lives Matter people and the local Charlottesville African American community were committed, brave, and non-violent. He said they “took a beating” and yet stood their ground.

3. UVA students were “some of the most courageous people” he’d ever seen — especially those who came to the lawn on Friday night. They stood up for tolerance, diversity, compassion, and against the white supremacists and Nazis “without fear.”

4. About “70%” of the alt-right were millennial white men. The others seemed to be paramilitary and other right-wing “professionals.”

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