Employment Opportunity – Buncombe County Sheriffs Department

buncombe co sheriff badgeCLASSIFICATION: Detective
DEPARTMENT: Sheriffs Department
DATE POSTED: 9/29/2016
CLOSING DATE: 10/12/2016

Job Description:
Performs specialized law enforcement work in the investigation of criminal offenses for the Sheriff’s Office. An employee in this class performs investigative work for the County Sheriff’s Office. Work involves investigating crimes and complaints, securing evidence, apprehending and prosecuting criminal offenders, and presenting evidence in court. Employee investigates various crimes such as robbery, assault, larceny, homicide, arson, fraud, forgery, rape and crimes against children. Work requires that the employee cooperate and work closely with other investigators, deputy sheriffs, other law enforcement agencies, and the general public.  Employee must use considerable judgment and discretion in obtaining and analyzing facts and interpreting the law to specific cases. Work is performed in accordance with established departmental policies and procedures, local ordinances, state statutes and federal laws. Employee is subject to the usual hazards of investigative and general law enforcement work. Duties are performed under the general supervision of the Assistant Investigations Administrator and is evaluated in terms of the effectiveness in solving crimes.

Additional Information:
Regular benefited full time position.

Examples Work:
Visits the scene of crimes to determine exact nature of law violations, searches for clues and makes preliminary interrogations of suspects; gathers and labels evidence found, lifts fingerprints and photographs pertinent evidence. Interviews complainants, suspects, witnesses, and other persons who may have information related to crimes or suspected criminal activity. Maintains communications with informers and surveillance over known agitators and other suspected law violators.  Prepares detailed investigation and arrest reports; assembles and organizes statements and evidence for presentation in court; attends court and presents evidence and testimony.  Cooperates with other law enforcement agencies in conducting investigations and making arrest, reviews current bulletins published by the Federal and State Bureaus of Investigation. Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Working knowledge of modern criminal investigative practices and procedures.
Working knowledge of federal, state and local laws relative to criminal investigations.
Working knowledge of the locations of streets, roads highways and the geography and socioeconomic characteristics of the County.
Some knowledge of the standard practices, materials, techniques, and equipment associated with the Investigations Division.
Skill in the use of firearms and other law enforcement equipment.
Ability to exercise sound judgment in emergency and routine situations and to adopt quick, effective and reasonable courses of action.
Ability to make observations and remember names, faces, and various details.
Ability to apply interpretation of laws to specific situations.
Ability to prepare clear and comprehensive reports.
Ability to present court testimony effectively.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships as necessitated by work assignment.

Education and Experience:
Applicant should hold a current certification as a law enforcement officer in accordance with the North Carolina Sheriff’s Training and Standards Commission.  High school diploma or GED required plus two years’ experience in the uniform field services division (Patrol, Civil Process, or School Resource).

Special Requirements:
This position may be assigned by the Division Commander to the property crimes unit, narcotics unit, special investigations or major crimes units, based on the current needs of the Agency.  The successful applicant will need to demonstrate proficiency in writing search warrants and some ability to assist in the collection and processing of physical evidence from crime scenes.  This position is subject to on call requirements which will include nights and weekends.

Connect directly to the job information at: You can use the link(s) below to go directly to the job description/application on the Buncombe County Human Resources website at: hr@buncombecounty.org or https://goo.gl/KwBL1J

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