Rep. Adams Says GOP Leaders “Don’t Give a Damn About Citizens”

U.S. Rep. Alma Adams, D-NC, District 12

NC Republican legislative leaders are “dragging their feet” rather than doing anything that would fairly represent voters when it comes to redistricting, says Congresswoman Alma Adams (D-NC-12).

“They see it as a disadvantage to themselves; they won’t do it,” Adams said in an interview recently, referring to redrawing legislative voting districts in time for a special election this year.

Prior to adjourning the recent long session, GOP leaders announced that the legislature will reconvene in August and September to take up unfinished business like overriding Gov. Cooper’s vetoes, passing laws that didn’t meet the deadline, redrawing judicial districts, and responding to the four straight U.S. Supreme Court decisions throwing out GOP laws regarding voting rights and legislative redistricting.

“At a time when we should be making it easier for all eligible Americans to participate in our democracy, General Assembly Republicans used unconstitutional redistricting and voter ID legislation for political gain,” said Congressman Price. “These efforts to suppress the minority vote violate our nation’s hard-fought commitment to equal protection and voting rights, and I strongly condemn them. The time has come for Speaker Moore and Senator Berger to put a stop to these shameful tactics and for the state to put in place reforms that will ensure fair elections in North Carolina.”

“They don’t give a damn about these citizens,” an exasperated Adams said, “and they’re not fooling me at all. I’ve worked with them, and I can tell you, they don’t care.”

“Sometimes you have to put things before the public, and sometimes the public needs to understand what’s going on,” Rep. Adams continued. “People have got to understand that when we go to the polls to vote, we have got to make sure that we have a legislature [that represents the true makeup of the people] the next time around, because we may not get an independent commission.”

“We have to have an independent commission… We have seen over the years, regardless of who is in control—Democrats or Republicans—that we have not gotten it right. For us to have the kind of [voting district] imbalance we have right now, with thirteen members of Congress from North Carolina—only three Democrats and ten Republicans—that is not reflective of our state. Our state is more balanced than that. We almost have a 50-50 Democrat/Republican [voter] makeup.”

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