City of Asheville Board and Commission Openings

The City of Asheville depends on citizen input to determine its growth and future.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can the City benefit from my experience and knowledge?” here are some opportunities for you to get involved. Currently six committees and commissions have openings.

The deadline to apply for any of these seats is 5 p.m. on July 19, 2017. For more information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (828) 259-5839 or You can also visit the Boards & Commissions online at

Blue Ribbon Committee

This task force committee will serve for approximately three months in an advisory capacity to define the mission, scope, and duties concerning a newly created Human Relations Commission.

Board of Adjustment

The Board (1) hears and decides applications for approval of variances from the terms of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), except where the UDO places responsibility for hearing or considering such a variance with another body; (2) hears and decides appeals from any order, requirement, permit, decision, or determination issued or made by an administrative officer of the City in enforcing any provisions of the UDO; (3) serves as the City’s Housing Code Appeals Board; and (4) performs such additional powers and duties as may be set forth elsewhere in the UDO and in other laws and regulations.

Historic Resources Commission

Some duties of the Commission include (1) recommend to City Council and County Commissioners “historic districts” and “landmarks”; (2) restore, preserve, and operate historic properties; (3) recommend to City Council and County Commissioners that designation of historic districts to be revoked or removed for cause; and (4) review and act upon proposals for alterations, demolitions, or new construction within historic districts, or for alteration or demolition of designated landmarks. Members shall have a demonstrated special interest, experience, or education in history, archeology, architecture, or related fields.

Sustainable Advisory Committee On Energy And The Environment (SACEE)

This Committee will undertake initiatives, at a City level and participate in the larger community and regional discussions, to improve the environment, encourage green development, and support the development of a healthy community.

Transit Committee

The Committee functions as an advisory board to the Multimodal Transportation Commission and to the City staff on matters affecting the transit system and its operation. Transit Committee members review monthly system operations reports, help facilitate public outreach efforts, and represent the general public in matters concerning the transit system. The Transit Committee consists of at least seven members and up to eleven members. All are appointed by the Multimodal Transportation Commission for three-year terms.

The Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the 4th Floor Police/Fire Training Room of the Municipal Building at 100 Court Plaza.

Applications should be submitted to Elias Mathes at An application is also available online at

Greenway Commission

The purpose of this Commission is to study greenways development in the City and serve as an advisory body to the MMTC on matters affecting the Greenway system and its operation, including, but not limited to the following:

  • The current and future direction of the greenway system
  • Greenway system quality, effectiveness, problems, needs, and requirements
  • Greenway matters of public interest and concern
  • Advocate and conduct public outreach on greenway matters
  • Prioritize greenway and greenway connector projects on an annual basis
  • Grants and other sources of funding
  • Rules, regulations, and procedures
  • Coordination of greenway matters with other agencies and interest groups as may be necessary or desirable
  • Other greenway matters as necessary for the effective operation of the Greenway system
  • Provides technical review on greenway projects and other projects that impact greenways

Please submit applications to Lucy Crown at:


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