NC State Board of Elections Public Hearings on Voter ID Rules 

Your Vote Counts_ imageSome key facts about why the “NC-Voter ID” law is such a big deal:

The bill not only requires government-issued ID at the polls, but takes away one week of early voting, eliminates pre-registration of 16-17 year olds, terminates out-of-precinct voting, and eliminates same-day voter registration during the early voting period.
These rules are said to impact 318,000 North Carolinians- and these are only the folks that the DMV lists generated; 34% of these individuals are African Americans.
There are only 9 hearings throughout the state, 2 of which are in Western NC. In fact, Democracy- NC just lobbied to get another location added in an underrepresented part of our state, and it worked! They added a site in Tarboro.
This is likely to be the only opportunity that citizens will have to speak out about the rules that have been drafted as a result of the Monster Law.
Below is a list of information of cities and times regarding voter informational meetings:
June 10th: Boone 5:00-7:00 @ 814 West King Street, Boone, NC
June 11th: Sylva 5:00-7:00 @876 Skyland Drive, Suite 1, Sylva, NC

RSVP for the Sylva, NC Photo ID Public Hearing
RSVP for the Boone Hearing

These are the only hearings that will occur on the “Voter ID” (HB589) rule that will come into effect in 2016. We need to take this opportunity speak on the “reasonable resemblance” rule to ensure that groups who support the voter ID rule do not attempt to make the rules even more restrictive. Democracy NC is seeking individuals to attend the hearing & make public comments to mitigate the damages of the implementation of the law.

We will organize car pools and get a shuttle (if needed) out to Sylva, NC.

Please email: or,  call (828)216-3430 to RSVP

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