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Kanye West, Jay-Z

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by T.J. Moore –

Kanye West has left Jay-Z’s Tidal over a money dispute, and the company has threatened to sue him, according to TMZ.

Sources connected to the music- and content-streaming brand told TMZ that West has been unhappy with the company for a while and has complained that the company owes him more than $3 million.

West allegedly sent a letter to Tidal a month ago, saying that the company was in breach and the contract was terminated. Over the following two weeks lawyers for both sides tried to resolve the conflict but failed.

According to sources, Ye’s beef with Tidal is two-fold: his The Life Of Pablo album brought 1.5 million new subscribers to Tidal, for which he was supposed to get a bonus—but the company hasn’t paid. Also the rapper/producer said that Tidal reneged on reimbursing him for music videos.

What do Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, and Serena Williams have in common? A Vanity Fair pregnancy spread.

The tennis great will join Moore, Portman, and actress Monica Bellucci in the elite club of celebrity women who have posed for the magazine while pregnant.

Williams posed for the August cover wearing nothing but a belly chain, her belly bump in full view and her hair cascading down her back. Inside the magazine, Williams talked about her pregnancy and meeting her fiancé Alexis Ohanian for the first time.

Williams told Vanity Fair when she found out she was pregnant. She was preparing for the Australian Open in January, found herself throwing up and her breasts swelling out of nowhere. A friend, Jessica Steindorff, had a feeling she might be pregnant and encouraged Williams to take a pregnancy test. She did and actually forgot to check her results because that’s how sure she was that she wasn’t pregnant.

“I put it (test) down. I went back to finishing hair and makeup, (I) was laughing, talking.” Williams remembered. “I was getting the styling done. An hour and a half later, I went back to the bathroom and I totally forgot about it because it was impossible for me… So I went back to get dressed and I went back in the bath room and I was like ‘Oh, yeah that test!’”

Steindorff shrieked in delight at the result. Williams, as she recalled, “did a double take and my heart dropped. Like literally it dropped.”
It could be said that meeting her fiancé, Redit Owner Alexis Ohanian, was as unexpected as her pregnancy.

“This big guy comes and he just plops down at the table next to us, and I’m like ‘Huh! All these tables and he’s sitting here?’ Serena remembered.

Then came Zane Haupt, a member of Williams’s entourage and his attempt to clear the table. “Aye, mate!” he said in his Australian accent, “There’s a rat by your table. You don’t want to sit there.”

“We were trying to get him (Ohanian) to move and get out of there,” Williams recalled. “He kind of refuses and he looks at us. And he’s like ‘Is there really a rat here?’ At which point Williams remembers the first words she ever said to him.

“No, we just don’t want you sitting there. We’re going to use that table.”

“I’m from Brooklyn. I see rats all the time,” Ohanian shot back.

“Oh you’re not afraid of rats?”


Which is when Serena suggested a compromise and invited Alexis to join them.

The August 2017 edition of Vanity Fair is on newsstands now.

Stephen Curry (PRNewsFoto/EXPRESS, Inc.)

Andre Iguodala

The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala will host the inaugural Player’s Technology Summit in August.

Presented by Bloomberg, the summit is intended to “bring together top leaders in the technology, venture capital and sports communities to exchange ideas and share expertise in an educational and empowering forum.”

Curry in particular touched on the connection between professional athletes and venture capitalists.

“Playing in Silicon Valley’s backyard has exposed me to information and resources that I’m excited to share through the summit,” the two-time league MVP and champion said in a statement. “Whether you’re thinking about your first move into entrepreneurship or investing, or perhaps already a veteran in the space, it’s about surrounding yourself with the right team and putting in the work to always be improving as a professional.”

Iguodala is already entrenched among Silicon Valley’s venture capitalists and is looking to continue the path.

“I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the best in the tech and venture capital business and have put those learnings to work,” Iguodala said in a statement. “The Players Technology Summit is about sharing those learnings and relationships and building a lasting impact.”

Curry is a co-founder of the marketing startup Slyce and an investor in Pinterest, while Iguodala is an investor in companies like Thrive Global and The Players Tribune.

The Players Technology Summit will be held on August 14-16 in San Francisco.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Reality “star” Rob Kardashian went on a social media rampage against his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna recently, and the rant may have legal consequences.

Kardashian posted a series of explicit photos to his Instagram and Twitter accounts showing a woman he claimed was Blac Chyna, the mother of Kardashian’s 8-month-old daughter, Dream. If authorities prove that the photos are of Chyna, experts say Kardashian could face multiple criminal charges for violating California’s “revenge porn” statute, which makes it illegal to publicly share explicit photos of another person to cause harm.

According to HuffPost, two California law enforcement officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they aren’t authorized to speak on potential or open investigations, said Kardashian showed “the intent to cause serious emotional distress” to Chyna by publicly posting a photo that had been previously assumed to be private, which falls within California’s legal definition of revenge porn.

The officials added that one of Kardashian’s decisions in particular stood out: he posted the image multiple times. Kardashian repeatedly shared and deleted the photos on Instagram, until Instagram suspended his account. He then turned to Twitter, posting and deleting the same images.

Alongside the photos, Kardashian accused Chyna of abusing drugs and alcohol and being an unfit mother. After Instagram suspended his account on July 5th, the photo sharing platform told Huff Post it does not tolerate abuse.

“We want to maintain a safe and supportive environment on Instagram, and we work quickly to remove reported content that violates our community guidelines,” a spokesperson said.

Kardashian and Chyna have a long history of taking their disputes public. A month after giving birth to Dream, Chyna announced that she had left Kardashian. She later claimed that she had been hacked.

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