Tzedek Social Justice Fellowship

Are you passionate about and dedicated to social justice?

Are you invested in working for racial justice, advocating for LGBTQ equality, and combating anti-Semitism? Are you interested in building your skills as an advocate and change agent? When faced with individual and institutionalized oppression, do you feel compelled to speak up, take action, and work for change? Do you want to expand your professional network and gain hands-on experience working with a local nonprofit organization? If you answered yes to the questions above, the Tzedek Social Justice Fellowship (Tzedek) might be a great fit for you!

THE FELLOWSHIP: The Tzedek Social Justice Fellowship (Tzedek) is a transformational experience for emerging social justice leaders that builds the capacity of organizations to effect change in Asheville and beyond. The Fellowship is committed to social justice, broadly defined, yet the work focuses primarily on LGBTQ rights, racial equity, and combating anti-Semitism. Over the course of eleven months, Fellows develop essential skills to cultivate relationships within the local community, create powerful connections that bridge across bias, and organize grassroots movements for positive community change.

The Fellowship builds individual and organizational capacity by engaging passionate emerging leaders in eleven-month, paid, full-time positions at social justice organizations throughout the greater Asheville, North Carolina area. In addition to working 30 hours each week at their host organization, Tzedek Fellows spend 10 hours developing life and leadership skills to help them become successful leaders and remain resilient throughout their careers. Tzedek requires full and active participation in all fellowship-related events and activities. It is a 40-hour per week commitment, including times outside of regular business hours. It is critical that the final candidate is truly passionate about becoming a Fellow and is committed to the spirit of personal and professional development.


1) Understand anti-Semitism throughout history and learn how to identify and effectively combat anti-Semitism in their communities.
2)     Be powerful activists and advocates in the movement for LGBTQ rights.
3)     Examine and combat oppression and discrimination within the context of eliminating racism.
4)     Learn to build and work in diverse collaborative coalitions to achieve equity for all marginalized groups.
5)     Expand personal and professional networks and co-create a community of social justice peers for life-long connection.
6)     Positively impact the Asheville community by advancing the work of their host organization.
7)     Have satisfying, successful, and sustainable careers in social justice non-profits and grassroots organizing groups.


• Participation in ongoing group activities including, but not limited to:

  • A one-month paid orientation in August.
  • InnerVision, a personal growth program offering life skills in mindfulness, awareness, and clarity.
  • Weekly Fellow Forums with Tzedek staff, including presentations and training sessions delivered by local and regional trainers and social justice leaders.
  • Special social justice events (pop-up trainings, speakers, arts events) and social events for the Tzedek cohort.
  • One-on-one meetings with Tzedek staff and host organization supervisors.
  • Position-specific expectations and requirements as expressed by the host organization supervisor.

• Creation of an individual professional development plan, including the identification of
resources and training opportunities in alignment with the plan goals.

• Attendance at national conferences including Creating Change and either The White Privilege Conference or the Facing Race Conference depending on the conference scheduling.

• Willingness to develop and nurture honest, trusting, and open relationships with other Fellows, Tzedek staff, and host organization staff.


• Social Change Philanthropy Fellow with CoThinkk

• Racial Justice Fellow with the Center for Participatory Change

• Operations and Engagement Fellow with the Campaign for Southern Equality

• Community Outreach Fellow with the Asheville Jewish Community Center

• Program Co-Coordination Fellow with Nuestro Centro

• Prevention Education Fellow with Our VOICE

For more information about the Tzedek Social Justice Fellowship and how to apply, visit

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