Local NAACP News – February 2017

Ms. Carmen Ramos-Kennedy Photo: Bruce Kennedy

Ms. Carmen Ramos-Kennedy
Photo: Bruce Kennedy

Staff Reports –

Carmen Ramos-Kennedy, president of the Asheville-Buncombe Branch NAACP, went to Washington, DC, for the January 21st Women’s March to stand up for equality—for women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and those with disabilities.

The “new normal,” which is not normal at all, is shaping up to be an administration that wants to turn back the hands of time. The new president’s cabinet choices are, almost universally, opposed to the departments they are to administer.

For some in the community, the recent election may have prompted you to re-think about engaging in the political process. What we hope is that it will be a catalyst to get active and organize! We have come much too far to go back … and we will not go back.

The NC Conference of NAACP is mobilizing. Please join the Asheville-Buncombe Branch NAACP and thousands of supporters and coalition partners in Raleigh on Feb 11. Along with our state Leader Rev. William Barber, we are as resolute as ever to push back, speak truth to power, and hold our elected officials accountable

Join us on the bus from Asheville as we head to the 11th Annual Moral March on Raleigh & HKonJ People’s Assembly. The bus departs Saturday, February 11, 2017 promptly at 4 a.m. Meet at 50 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in front of MLK Park; please plan to arrive by 3.45 a.m. Park your car on MLK Jr. Drive, and make sure you bring food & beverages for the trip and your charged cell phone.

To reserve your seat you can contact info@mvalliance.net; or visit The Mountain People’s Assembly website at mountainmoralmonday.org. To purchase tickets, click the Donate link. Tickets are $40 round-trip. A limited number of subsidized tickets are available. You can also purchase tickets by check, payable to Mountain Voices Alliance, and mailed to PO Box 8052, Asheville, NC 28814.

NOTE: the deadline for checks to be received is February 9, 2017. Whether you purchase tickets online or by check, be sure to list the names of riders and cell phone numbers. If you have questions, call (828) 273-1781.

Contact the Asheville-Buncombe County NAACP Branch #5363, at PO Box 2881, Asheville NC 28802​; online at facebook.com/buncombecountynaacp; by email​​ at ​4ward2getherCall2action@gmail.com; or by phone at (828) 255-4453 (office) or (​828) 423-6476 (cell).

Contact the ​Mountain People’s Assembly at PO Box 8052, Asheville NC 28814; online at mountainmoralmonday.org, or at facebook.com/forwardtogetherinthemountains.



Carmen Ramos-Kennedy is the President of the Asheville-Buncombe County NAACP Branch #5363. For questions and membership information, call (828) 255-4453, or send an email to 4ward2getherCall2Action@gmail.com. Asheville Buncombe NAACP, PO Box 2881, Asheville, NC 28802.

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