Building Life on a Solid Foundation

Anthony Dobbs, age 43, started his business, Pow-er Within-U, through Mountain BizWork’s Foundations Business Planning course.

After realizing his personal life was in a shambles due to what Anthony Dobbs calls “a whole lot of drama,” he knew it was time for a change. Seeking focus and direction, Anthony sought the professional help needed to put him on a solid road to recovery. But he soon realized that the people who were supposed to be helping him were not dealing with the core issues of solving his problems.

In fact, he explains that “these people started sharing their problems with me, and I began sharing my thoughts with them. They started taking my advice – and it worked! After that, I began to identify my own obstacles and made the changes I needed to put myself on a solid foundation.”

Realizing how vulnerable a person can be when faced with life-altering circumstances, Anthony decided to start a support business to reach out to people in similar situations. To bring his business – called “Pow-er Within-U” – to fruition, he enrolled in the Foundations business planning course at Mountain BizWorks in June of 2012.

Anthony found that the class enabled him to collaborate with his peers and to exchange ideas on ways to move his business forward. Today Anthony is also enrolled in A-B Tech’s Entrepreneurship curriculum to further his knowledge base.

“There are dreamers, and then there are people who have a focus on moving their business forward,” says Anthony as he talks about his pending business start-up. “I’m moving forward with determination and passion to make my business a reality, and to help those in need of my services.”


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