My Daddy Taught Me That…

Kenyon Lake, author of "My Daddy Taught Me That…"
Staff Reports

My Daddy Taught Me That… takes us on a journey of a relationship between a man and his son, while showing readers the life lessons he instilled. His word was his bond, his sense of honor his guide.

Without doubt — no matter what the situation — he was a friend to be counted on in all things. He left a lasting legacy that will be remembered by every person with whom he crossed paths.

It’s the story of Bennie Lake, as told by his son Kenyon.


my_daddy_lake_cover.jpg“Pop” was the name I called my father, a man who for decades was a
community leader during a time that was difficult for our entire
nation,” said Kenyon. “Strong, courageous, compassionate, gifted,
dedicated, God-fearing, and a respectful man…a man I am proud to say was
my friend. I learned from him while he was here with me, and how
positively he has impacted my life.”

This book has evolved into a work intended to inform, educate, and
enlighten readers on issues concerning youth in our society. A central
focus on the man’s role in the home, and his influence in shaping his
children, families, and our society as a whole.

Readers will find this book not only informative but also a great
motivation to live the type of life that positively instructs our
children and youth, and empowers our families.

My Daddy Taught Me That… can be purchased online at,
downtown at Malaprop’s Bookstore, or by email from

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