Western North Carolina Musical Legacies: Hidden in the Melodies of Life

Patricia McAfee’s newly released Western North Carolina Musical Legacies: Hidden in the Melodies of Life is a tribute to magical sounds created in the mountains.

It recounts the beauty and mystery of musical talent as it was shared with her through experiences and story-telling.

Author Patricia McAfee

Patricia McAfee’s new book from Christian Faith Publishing lifts the spirits and voices that ring out in the hills, valleys, and mountains of our communities and shares the joy found within. It is a lovely jaunt down memory lane filled with talents and gifts given straight from God’s heart to the people who shared those gifts with the world.

For many readers, this book series will introduce people to the Western North Carolina community and tell of their musical experiences, successes, struggles, triumphs, tragedies, hopes, and dreams. For some, it will awaken memories of faces and gathering places where music took center stage from basement blue lights to strobe lights to foot-stomping praises in church. For others, this journey will connect streetlight dreams with the stage of Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, and the Grand Ole Opry.

Musical gifts were passed from generation to generation. A few groups and several individuals were fortunate to obtain national recognition. Many performed beyond the borders of the state of North Carolina. Some gave a lifetime of musical service and died before any documented recognition, and others remain dedicated silent partners whose voices and musical gifts continue to ring out yet are hidden in the melodies of life.

Patricia McAfee was born and reared in Western North Carolina. She has always had a love for music, history, and public service. In 2009, she coauthored God Can Use Anyone … even me, the life story of rhythm-and-blues singer Charles “Fats Diamond” Pickens. Her new book is the first of a series that will pay tribute and honor to people, past and present, who have made a musical contribution to the mountains of Western North Carolina.

A synopsis of Western North Carolina Musical Legacies: Hidden in the Melodies of Life has been posted to YouTube. Consumers can purchase the book at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.

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