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Sterling K. Brown

A Look at Entertainment

by T.J. Moore –

After winning the Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama, This is Us star Sterling K. Brown’s lights and mic were cut during his speech. Reportedly, Brown approached two minutes of speaking, and the cut was done in an attempt to move the show along.

In contrast, Nicole Kidman, who won Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film, was allowed to speak for nearly three minutes. During her two-minute, 45-second speech, Kidman took her time to speak on domestic violence, reflecting the fact that her character in Big Little Lies was an abused housewife.

After the show, Brown told Variety that he knew that his speech was a little long. But during a recent appearance on the Stephen Colbert show, Brown shared his thoughts on the discrepancies in his and Kidman’s time for speeches.

“Look man, not everybody can be a pretty Australian white woman who has won Oscars in the past,” Brown said as the audience grumbled. “Not that I’m blaming her. It’s not her fault. And you know, you gotta go to commercial break. It turned out to be more of a thing, but I got a chance to make the speech even longer because I got to finish backstage. It was perfect.”

Usher with his mother, Jonnetta Patton.

In the midst of his Herpes allegations, Usher’s wife, Grace Miguel, said that she was confidently standing by him. She posted a picture of her and the R&B star on Instagram and quoted author Steve Maraboli by saying, “I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars.”

But Miguel isn’t Usher’s only staunch supporter—not by a long shot. His mother and former manager, Jonnetta Patton is, and she recently took to social media to promote Usher’s appearance on OWN’s Masterclass and said that if she were still his manager, Usher wouldn’t be in his current situation.

“Fame comes with a big ticket,” Patton wrote on Instagram. “Can you withstand the cost? A good name is better than riches!” she continued. “Be careful what you aspire to be or ask for.” Eventually, Patton would continue to say that considering all of the work that it took to catapult Usher into stardom, she’s disappointed to see how things are playing out.

“If I were in CHARGE, this USHER drama would never have gone down,” Patton wrote. “Too much positive work went into making this MEGA STAR!”

Usher dissolved his relationship with his mother as management, and in his Masterclass episode, he spoke about his relationship with his mom and the reason why they stopped working together.

“We began to part our ways when I wanted to expand in other areas that I felt like she wasn’t necessarily considerate of. You know, why create this tension when I’m attempting to grow as a man?” he said.

Delanie Walker

Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker said that he and his family have received death threats since his recent comments telling fans not to come to the games if they felt disrespected by the team’s decision to protest during the national anthem.

Titan players, along with the Seattle Seahawks, stayed in the locker room while the anthem was performed before their game. The Pittsburgh Steelers did the same before their game with the Bears in Week 3.

In an Instagram post attached with a picture with him greeting military members, Walker called the threats “heartbreaking.”

“The racist and violent words directed at me and my son only serve as another reminder that our country remains divided and full of hateful rhetoric,” Walker wrote in the caption. “These words of hate will only fuel me in my efforts to continue my work reaching out to different community groups, listening to opposing voices, and honoring the men and women of the Armed Forces who risk their lives everyday so we can have this dialogue.”

Von Miller

#BoycottFord is the latest hashtag making its rounds on Twitter as users expressed their anger and outrage over the Phil Long Ford dealership’s decision to end its relationship with Denver Broncos Linebacker Von Miller.

The decision came after the Pro Bowl-er kneeled in protest during a recent game as part of the “Take the Knee” protest. Although the Ford dealership claims that Miller didn’t technically lose the deal (his endorsement contract expired in March), it did confirm in a statement that his actions over Week 3 have caused them to evaluate who best represents their business.

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