Perhaps She Has a Pink Vest

Doddles by Valeria Watson

Installation of New Work by Valeria Watson 2017.

Asheville artist Valeria Watson’s new installation will open December 1 at the Refinery, 207 Coxe Avenue in Asheville, and continue through Jan. 29, 2018. An opening reception will be held at 5 p.m.

Art always reflects the persona of the artist, though not always in such a literal way as here. Watson strives to create change and community through her art, through her calling as a Priestess of Osun, and her non-profit Zamani Refuge African Culture Center. Bridging boundaries, stereotypes, gender, and racial roles establishes an alternate reality that envelops us in love, wisdom, and power.

Perhaps She Has a Pink Vest, inspired by a short story by Wolfgang Borchert, focuses on two men and their views of women, war, and the world—and reflects both the innocence and institutional underpinning of misogyny.

Watson says, “I took the narrative as a five-point map to unify the paintings, drawings, doddles (recycled bottles), crowns, hats, and other display items, like the yellow birds which are recycled RAD signs and the Dogon masks that are recycled paper chef hats. The Map helps to focus on the examples of the various local crafts that I have been a cheerleader of for many years. The materials, mostly trash and recycled supplies, can be organized into kits allowing workers to work at home and pick up and drop off project kits on a pay-as-you-work basis. There are fans, boxes, doddles, etc. made from toilet paper rolls, bottles, and other rubbish scattered throughout the installation space.”

“Oh, and all of the props in the installation are for sale,” she adds.

For more information about the installation, contact Asheville Arts at (828) 258-0710 or Contact Valeria Watson at (828) 552-0740, visit, or find yeyesijuosunyemi on Facebook.


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