Local Contemporary Primitive Artist Hosts Showing

Primitive mixed-media artist Cleaster Cotton during the unveiling of her ALNUGE Hieroglyphics paintings at David S. Stewart Art Gallery at the RAD.
Photo: Urban News

A private showing of works by Cleaster Cotton, an artist in the contemporary primitive style, was hosted by David S. Stewart, a classical realism painter, in his SoHo-style studio/gallery at 347 Depot Street in Asheville’s River Arts District. 

The select collection of paintings by Cotton included, “Five Flowers Five Vessels” and “Four Flowers Four Vessels.” Also included the first time ever was the ALNUGE fine art paintings, “ALNUGE Hieroglyphics A-Z” #001 and “ALNUGE Hieroglyphics A-Z” #003.

Cotton’s mixed-media paintings were created on board or tarpaper with fabric, burlap, and acrylic paint. The paintings are interactive and respond to various light sources (natural and electric) and to the perspective of the viewer. As you lower and raise the light… as the sun moves across the horizon, as you walk pass the paintings, the layers, glazes, and washes reveal visuals previously unseen.

Two large paintings by Cotton are on exhibit and for sale in a group show titled Intersections.

Prior to relocating to Asheville, in an effort to align with a community-based arts organization that focused on serving underprivileged children, Cotton founded the LEAF Community Arts organization, and became a Teaching Artist. She is currently involved in creating the LEAF Teaching Artists Institute and is completing her second three-year term on the Board of Directors. She served as a K-12 teaching artist for TAPAS (Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools), a collaborative program of Asheville City Schools, UNC Asheville, and LEAF Community Arts. Cotton has also taught art at UNCA’s Super Saturdays children’s program.

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